The Lotts have aLott of Trash to Recycle

At Recycle Revolution in Deep Ellem, Dallas, Texas our class met with Eddie Lott, the Founder of Recycle Revolution, and his mother, Maria Lott, the executive vice president of the business. Recycle Revolution dealt with the shipping and receiving of all sorts of trash. They distribute to local processes, so they are not a processor of new materials. The 2 trucks go out to businesses and collect the trash. They bring it back to the warehouse and sort the items. The aluminum, metals, plastics, paper, cardboard, electronics, glass, porcelain, styrofoam, wood, compost, and batteries are all taken in and put in separate boxes to be delivered to process plants.

The business started in 2008 and has grown to encompass the DFW AT&T trash, chase bank trash,30  local bars, and many small businesses. Eddie Lott feels that “there is success in the green industry, unlike others.”  The local bars provide many glass bottles to the Recycle Revolution. This makes Recycle Revolution one of the top glass recyclers. Glass is hard to recycle because of the market value, so they charge businesses a fee for recycling bins. When they are upside down on the amount of glass they are getting, the $10 bins make up for it. Another fee given is a contamination fee. If food waste or liquids are not cleaned out of the trash, the fee is charged. This is due to the fact they are not a trash hauler. At times they may receive an item with a defect on it. This could be bottles with the wrong label on them. Suppliers then sale their items to Recycle Revolution. The bottles are shipped across the country to go back through the process of creating a bottle out of a bottle. Eddie Lott made a good point about this issue. Is there any point in doing this process when we could take the label off and replace that?

When dealing with big business, more trash is collected. With quantity there is a value in the recycling business. Small businesses are not trash hogs so it may be the same price to send it to the recycling center versus sending it to the incineration plant. Big businesses make profits, so small businesses recycle because it’s the right thing to do. One issue might change our minds. Recently, Dallas County has created a law for the waste management. Dallas citizens that send their trash to other suburban incineration plants normally will now have to send their trash to the Dallas incineration grounds. If you are in North Dallas you cannot send it to the Plano Incineration Plant anymore. This will cause 2,000 more trucks a day to travel to the plant in Dallas. It will be a way they can raise prices on trash collecting and make money off the community. At that time recycling could possibly be a economically feasible thing to do.

Eddie Lott then proposed his entrepreneur like ideas to the class. He is now looking at expansion options for Recycle Revolution. In Lake Highlands he found a building to rent.  This will be another office branch/sorting house so that he can cater to the community. He is moving close to other businesses that can use his recycle business to benefit their industry. In a sustainable community, businesses work together. The program he is working at in Lake Highlands is called eco co-op. This program involves an ecosystem through the area. It will offer education, local jobs, money in the community, and local waste management. Schools, Texas Worm Ranch, and nonprofit businesses will be included in this program. He got this holistic idea from a friend. His friend discussed how Belize burns their trash. This is there idea of out of site, out of mind. He discussed the two of them moving to Belize and tailoring a recycling center to the community in Belize. The next door Architect, Dave Pennington makes dome buildings from styrofoam construction. The homes are developed to withstand hurricanes, so what better thing to do than use Belize styrofoam for homes in the Belize community. The Lake Highland project will be something Eddie Lott will take on here locally. He said, “instead of dreaming of Belize, why not do it here, do it now.” In his company he feels “you must grow or you will dissolve.”By that statement, I feel with my intension to go back to school for my masters in the Sustainability program, I am growing. With a 17% unemployment rate in my field, the only way for me to make a difference is to gain more knowledge and try harder. I hope this opens many doors for all of my classmates and myself. Eddie Lott was very inspirational and I feel he is an up and coming entrepreneur. If I can take anything from this tour of Recycle Revolution, it will be to grow through every experience and never hope to do something in the future, just do it!

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